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At Environmental Inspection, we are committed to providing specialist asbestos services such as asbestos surveys, management and removal in Middlesbrough and Teesside. We also offer other services such as Legionella Risk Assessments and Lead Paint Sampling and Analysis.


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Asbestos survey and management in Middlesbrough and Stockton, Teesside

Our Tees Valley base serves the major industrial sites across Tees Valley and other property managers including those with residential portfolios.
One client for whom we surveyed several properties and produced an Asbestos Management Plan said this:

“He undertook the job professionally and speedily and the end result is a workable document and system. Despite thorough surveys only a minimal amount of asbestos containing material was located and material we were suspicious of was tested and found not to contain asbestos. We can now safely manage what little was found.
Overall a reasonable price for a thorough and competent job.
I’m happy to recommend Chris; he knows his stuff.”

Specialist Environmental Services in Middlesbrough 

Our mission at Environmental Inspection is to create safe and healthy environments so people can feel safe knowing they are free from potential threats. We are dedicated to removing harmful materials such as:

  • Asbestos
  • Legionella 
  • Lead Paint  

Middlesbrough is a thriving area full of culture and history. From the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum to Ormesby Hall, Middlesbrough has plenty of places to visit for both locals and tourists. With the addition of  RSPB Saltholme and Albert Park, there is something for everyone making Middlesbrough a great place to live. 

With a population of about 150,000 people, it is essential to keep the community of Middlesbrough safe. The only way to ensure your property doesn’t contain harmful materials such as asbestos is to book a survey. If you are unsure of what materials were used to build your property, we offer services that sample and analyse the materials of your building to ensure you are working and living in a safe environment.


Asbestos Survey, Management and Removal

To understand if any asbestos was used to build your property, an asbestos survey must be conducted to locate and manage the asbestos. If any asbestos is present, it is crucial that an asbestos management plan is put in place to mitigate the risks that come with this and ensure people are aware of the dangers.

There are two different forms of asbestos surveys that you need to be aware of. An asbestos management survey is where the detection and location of asbestos are needed to ensure working or living conditions are safe. An asbestos refurbishment/demolition survey is where the location of asbestos is needed when any refurbishment or demolition work is taking place.

Once your asbestos survey is complete, any samples taken from your property will be sent to an independent accredited laboratory to be analysed. The results from the analysis will be compiled into an asbestos survey report and be sent to you for review. 

This report may seem daunting at first but with our guide on how to interpret the results and the detailed explanations in the report itself, you will easily be able to understand what the results mean for you and your property.

The removal of asbestos is a difficult job that involves lots of different elements. At Environmental Inspection, we can help you with all the aspects of asbestos removal by assigning you a project manager. This leaves you stress-free and without the responsibility of coordinating any removal work.

Legionella Risk Assessments

Asbestos management is not the only service we offer. Legionella is a form of bacteria that is found in water systems which can also be harmful when left untreated. A legionella risk assessment allows you to identify any potential hazards that can lead to legionella growth and suggests things you can implement to prevent any growth. If you are unsure whether your water system is legionella-free, you can book a legionella risk assessment by filling out our online form.

Lead Paint Sampling and Analysis

Lead exposure can be serious and harmful to occupants of a property. Anything from inhaling lead dust to absorption through the skin can cause serious health problems. To diminish any health issues that may occur, lead paint sampling should be conducted for peace of mind. 

The process is relatively simple. One of our experts will collect samples of paint and other materials from your property and send them for testing at a certified laboratory. A report containing the results of the sampling will then be sent to you highlighting any concerns and future actions.

If you have any concerns about the paint on your property, feel free to contact us today.

The Survey Process

At Environmental Inspection, we aim to make the process of our surveys stress-free whilst also upholding high standards and meeting regulations.

To start the survey process, fill out our online form or call us on either 0333 880 4241 (North) or 0333 880 4240 (South) and one of our team will be on hand to assist you.

The online form is simple! Provide us with your name, number and select which service you need.

We will be in touch confirming the details of your request and selecting a time and date for your survey.

Before your actual survey can take place, our experts will conduct a preliminary assessment. This will vary depending on which service you choose but this will entail either an assessment of your building or water system.

Once a preliminary assessment has been completed, we can move forward with your actual survey. Depending on the service you choose our experts will take samples from your property or identify potential hazards in your water system.

If you have chosen to have an asbestos survey or lead paint sampling, the samples taken from your property will be sent to an independent laboratory for analysis.

A report will be sent to you providing you with either the results from the analysis or details of our findings (Legionella Risk Assessment). Each report will also contain recommendations on what to do moving forward and how you can mitigate the effects of asbestos, legionella or lead paint.

Book a Environmental Consultation in Middlesbrough Today

Live with the peace of mind that your property doesn’t contain any harmful materials that may be hazardous to both you and the community. Our dedicated team of experts are ready to make your living and working environments safer whilst also providing tailored customer service that meet your expectations. 

If you are still unsure of whether asbestos is contained in your property or whether your water system is at risk of legionella, be sure to book an appointment with us today by filling out our online form or calling us on either 0333 880 4241 (North) or 0333 880 4240 (South). 

Nationwide Coverage

Our services do not end at Middlesbrough and Teesside. Environmental Inspection is available nationwide in most cities including Manchester, Birmingham and London. We bring our professional services to all parts of the UK so don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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Environmental Consultancy in Middlesbrough FAQs

Any property built before 2000 should ideally have an asbestos survey as there is a likelihood the building may contain asbestos. Additionally, any building that is planning to be refurbished or demolished requires an asbestos refurbishment/demolition survey.

We would recommend you renew your legionella risk assessment every two years to ensure your water system is not compromised. There are certain circumstances where you may need to review your risk assessment earlier such as when the occupants of a property are within a high risk category – e.g. the elderly.

Lead paint can be found in properties built between 1950-1978. This can be anywhere including exterior walls, any trim work, doors and windows. Generally, interior walls are not suspected to have been painted with lead-based painted so these are less of a concern.

Asbestos management for a major multinational company

We work for an FTSE 250 UK-based PLC in Stockton. We provide asbestos management including surveys, re-inspections, management plans and project management of asbestos removal, including producing tender documents. We regularly provide both category A and B training at various sites throughout the UK.

 Need help with asbestos survey or management? Contact us here to discuss