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Asbestos Demolition Survey vs Asbestos Refurbishment Survey: What’s the Difference?

Asbestos surveys are a requirement for any refurbishment or demolition work for any property built pre 2000. To ensure the safety of all workers, you must identify and remove if there is a chance of disturbing the identified asbestos materials within a building before any work starts with an asbestos demolition/refurbishment survey. But what are the differences between asbestos demolition surveys and asbestos refurbishment surveys, and what happens if asbestos is found on your property?
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Preparing For An Asbestos Inspection

Creating a safe workspace is paramount for businesses in the UK. Asbestos inspections play a crucial role in identifying potential hazards, safeguarding both your employees and customers, and ensuring regulatory compliance. In this guide, we will explore the significance of asbestos surveys, shedding light on what they entail, why they are vital, and how you can prepare to ensure an efficient and effective survey.

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Decoding Your Asbestos Report: What You Should Know

Just received your asbestos report and not sure what it means? It may seem complicated at first but we have put together this guide to highlight the key areas of information you will come across and how you can decode what this means. Of course, at Environmental Inspection, we believe that our reports are presented in a way that is easy to follow. But, you might have reports that you are not completely sure about and we are keen to help.

We will help you understand what each section of your report means and how you can use this to determine your next steps. In this guide, we will cover:

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Growth and development in 2022

It has been a great year for Environmental Inspection for several reasons. We have been pleased to support our regular clients with their ongoing health and safety compliance. We’ve worked on interesting projects, big and small. We’ve worked on some complex industrial projects and some heritage sites. We’ve managed increasingly large asbestos removal projects. And, we’ve been joined in the team by Alasdair – a highly experienced asbestos consultant.

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