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A tradesperson sawing a piece of wood.

Tradespeople: How do you know if a property contains asbestos?

As tradespeople, you are exposed to a variety of hazards every day. Hopefully, these are all well managed and you and your colleagues are trained to be aware of the dangers. Asbestos is one of the potential risks that you face.

You have probably wondered more than a few times ‘Is this asbestos?’ or ‘Could there be asbestos in this property?’

You should never work in conditions of such uncertainty and we are here to help. We have prepared this guide on how to know if there is potential asbestos, what to look for, and what you can do.

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What are the asbestos regulations in the UK?

There are legal duties on people responsible for buildings and employees to protect occupants from any asbestos risk. If any asbestos risk is known to exist then this risk must be responsibly managed.

The person or organisation (or it may be multiple parties) that is held responsible for these legal duties is known as the Duty Holder. The Duty Holder is defined as the owner of non-domestic premises or the person or organisation that has clear responsibility for the maintenance or repair of the non-domestic premises.

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The Role of an Environmental Consultant in Business

In today’s corporate landscape, environmental and social consciousness has become integral to corporate values across the UK. Businesses recognise the urgency of adopting sustainable practices and placing safety above all else. This shift signifies a pivotal moment in how organisations approach their operations, emphasising the impact on the planet and people.

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