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What are the asbestos responsibilities of property developers?

This is a question that we are regularly asked by confused property developers, builders, tradespeople, and new business owners: ‘Am I exempt from asbestos regulations because … I am developing / renovating a property (built pre-1999) for sale or rent? Or when opening a business in an existing property? Or working in someone’s home?’

Well, the answer is a straightforward one.

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Growth and development in 2022

It has been a great year for Environmental Inspection for several reasons. We have been pleased to support our regular clients with their ongoing health and safety compliance. We’ve worked on interesting projects, big and small. We’ve worked on some complex industrial projects and some heritage sites. We’ve managed increasingly large asbestos removal projects. And, we’ve been joined in the team by Alasdair – a highly experienced asbestos consultant.

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Asbestos being removed from a building

Why does asbestos exposure still happen?

As we have written about before, asbestos exposure is still an issue that is causing death. Despite legislation protecting people from asbestos negligence (passed between 1970 and 1999), the deaths of people who were exposed 20 or more years ago are still happening each year.

Deaths from the various types of asbestos-related illnesses peaked between about 2018 and 2020 and are starting to decline. How quickly they decline is yet to be seen. But we know from our day-to-day experience that exposure is still occurring. So, what are the reasons for this?

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Tax relief available on asbestos removal work

Did you know that you could claim tax relief on the costs of removing asbestos from business premises? Not only that, you could actually receive a grant of an additional 50% of your costs as well as having the full cost reimbursed. That is, 150% of your costs are paid to you in total.

It’s part of what HMRC refers to as ‘Corporate Intangibles Research and Development’ which applies to ‘land remediation relief’ for work on land in a contaminated state.

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