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Head office: 01388 345 530


What is a Residential Asbestos Survey?

A residential/domestic asbestos survey is an investigation into material that could contain asbestos, or a full survey of an area of a building built pre 1999 to determine if asbestos containing materials are present.

Our asbestos surveys for homes also protect any workers in your home from the risk of asbestos exposure. 

The service involves safely taking samples of suspect materials for testing and analysis. 

Home Refurbishment Asbestos Surveys

If your home is being refurbished, this is a key time to consider getting an asbestos survey. It protects those carrying out the refurbishment from asbestos exposure from any materials they remove, damage, saw, or drill through.

Is a Home Asbestos Survey a Legal Requirement? 

This is not straightforward. For DIY, homeowners are not legally obliged to have an asbestos survey. However, you can be liable for exposing someone to asbestos either knowingly or through negligence. So, if you are engaging tradespeople at a home built before 1999, your home becomes a place of work and an asbestos survey is a legal requirement. We would strongly recommend an asbestos refurbishment survey before any improvement work is carried out. 

If asbestos is found, you will need to manage or remove it. The correct approach will depend upon the circumstances. Feel free to call us on 0333 880 4241 or email us for advice.


How Much Does a Home Asbestos Survey Cost? 

It depends on the number of rooms that need to be surveyed and the number of samples. Our prices start from £295 + VAT (within Tyne and Wear and Teesside) and include up to 5 samples.  

Do Landlords Need Asbestos Surveys on their Properties?  

Yes, if the property was built before 1999. If you are a landlord renting out a property, then, this is classed as a business. The law specifies particular asbestos duties. You can find out more on our commercial asbestos survey page.

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