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Commercial Asbestos Survey?

Our asbestos surveys are to protect workers, visitors, and the public from the risk of asbestos exposure. They also protect your company’s reputation and that of its directors. 

We are experienced in all kinds of commercial and industrial premises, including small and large retailers, service businesses, the shipping and maritime industry, complex industrial units with plant that can contain asbestos, and special sites like train stations and carriages, castles, and grade I and grade II listed buildings.

The service involves safely taking samples of suspect materials for testing and analysis. 

What Are The Regulations?

We have set out the asbestos regulations in our regulations guide.

The key thing to know is that one or more of those who own and manage a building have a legal ‘Duty to Manage’ this risk of asbestos if the building is old enough (pre-1999) for this risk to exist. This means that you must have an asbestos management plan, carry out surveys and re-inspections as required, and before any intrusive refurbishment work is done.


Types of Commercial Asbestos Survey

Asbestos Refurbishment Survey

This is required for any refurbishment works to be done on a building built before 1999

Asbestos Management Survey

All commercial buildings built before 1999 must have an asbestos survey and management plan

Asbestos Demolition Survey

This is required for any refurbishment works to be done on a building built before 1999


Other Commercial Asbestos Services

An Asbestos Management Survey will be done alongside an Asbestos Management Plan. Asbestos Management Plans will involve asbestos re-inspections, usually annually. We can also provide a boost to your Health & Safety by delivering Asbestos Awareness Training to your staff.

What if Asbestos is Found? 

In this case, we can provide advice and if required help with asbestos removal.
If you do have asbestos removed, this could be eligible for tax relief.

Tradespeople – When You Should Request an Asbestos Survey

Tradespeople are in a unique position because of their potential ability to identify hazards. They are on the front line of any risks and therefore at the greatest risk. So, we work with tradespeople to ensure the premises in which they work are safe.

If in doubt, please call us to discuss any concerns – 0333 880 4240

Landlords and Property Professionals

Landlords of pre-1999 homes are required by law to have an asbestos management survey to protect tenants, workers, and others from the risk of asbestos exposure. 

Landlords of commercial properties are subject to the same regulations as any business. You may be the Duty Holder and therefore be responsible.

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