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Asbestos Refurbishment Surveys from Environmental Inspection

We are your trusted partner in ensuring the safety and compliance of your refurbishment projects. Our expertise lies in delivering thorough and accurate asbestos refurbishment surveys, a critical step in identifying and managing potential asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) during renovation work. 

With a focus on legal adherence, health protection, and seamless project execution, our services provide the foundation for safe, successful, and worry-free refurbishments. Explore our comprehensive approach to asbestos refurbishment surveys and ensure safety and compliance at every step.

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What is an Asbestos Refurbishment Survey?

During refurbishment or renovation projects, it’s crucial to be aware of potential asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) that could pose a health risk if disturbed. An asbestos refurbishment survey is a systematic and specialised inspection conducted to identify and assess the presence of ACMs in areas where refurbishment or significant structural changes are planned.

Unlike other types of asbestos surveys, such as management surveys that focus on the routine management of ACMs, and demolition surveys that are performed prior to complete building demolition, the refurbishment survey is specifically tailored to the unique circumstances of refurbishment projects. This type of survey helps you fulfil legal obligations and prioritise safety throughout the renovation process.

This survey is required prior to any major refurbishment works for all buildings built prior to 1999.  In reality, all refurbishment works of pre-1999 buildings, whether homes or commercial premises require this survey. Even a home in which a contractor is working becomes a place of work. Therefore, legally, an asbestos survey is required.

This is specified in the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (Regulation 7).

Our Approach

At Environmental Inspection, our approach to asbestos refurbishment surveys combines expertise, compliance, and thoroughness to ensure the safety of your refurbishment projects.

Our certified asbestos surveyors bring years of experience and technical skills to every survey. Their in-depth knowledge guarantees accurate identification of potential asbestos-containing materials.

We leave no corner unchecked. Our surveyors meticulously inspect areas targeted for refurbishment, including hard-to-reach spaces, to identify any ACMs that might be present.

We collect samples following established protocols and send them to UKAS accredited independent labs for analysis. This precise process determines the presence and type of asbestos, informing our recommendations.

Our approach is anchored in strict adherence to legal regulations, including the Control of Asbestos Regulations. You can trust that your project aligns with industry standards and legal requirements.

Our comprehensive reports detail the locations, types, and conditions of identified ACMs. Our recommendations guide your decisions on managing ACMs during refurbishment.

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Why Choose Us?

Environmental Inspection can tailor the asbestos refurbishment survey to your actual project specification, with detailed discussions and plans prior to any site works. The asbestos refurbishment survey may include intrusive investigations to identify suspect asbestos materials that may be covered/hidden and would not normally be uncovered during a standard non-intrusive asbestos management survey. A wall cavity, for instance, would not have been investigated during a non-intrusive management survey, and only the surface material would have been checked. But, now that alterations are being made to the wall, an intrusive asbestos refurbishment survey has become essential before conducting work such as drilling or demolition. This will either confirm that there is nothing hidden in the void or ensure the safety of the material.

This is useful if you have a previous Management Survey or up-to-date asbestos re-inspection documents. (It is also a legal requirement under the Control of Asbestos Regulations in all non-domestic buildings constructed pre-1999). But you still need the additional level of detail and investigation that you get from the refurbishment survey.

Our Refurbishment Survey Process

All of Environmental Inspection’s asbestos surveys are detailed and methodical. In preparing for safe site work and a safe working environment, the asbestos refurbishment survey needs to go beyond the surface level and access all areas that may be affected by the planned works.  This may include wall cavities, floor and ceiling voids, and other areas where our experienced surveyors know asbestos may be hidden.  

But it’s not just the actual inspection that is methodical. Our report template provides you with valuable information.  Each layer of a room is broken down and recorded. For example, the ceiling void, ceiling, walls and fixtures, floor, and equipment are recorded if necessary, with all suspect items sampled where safe to do so.

Any samples taken of suspect materials will be sent to an independent UKASaccredited laboratory for analysis.

At Environmental Inspection, our survey process is designed to ensure thoroughness, accuracy, and compliance throughout your refurbishment project. Contact us to initiate a survey that lays the foundation for a safe and successful refurbishment journey.

The Asbestos Refurbishment Survey Process:

Pre-Survey Planning:

We start with a detailed discussion to understand your project scope and objectives.

We review existing data about the building’s history and previous asbestos surveys.

On-Site Inspection:

Our certified surveyors meticulously inspect areas earmarked for refurbishment, including hidden and inaccessible spaces.

Suspected materials are carefully sampled to determine asbestos presence.

Laboratory Analysis:

Samples are sent to UKAS accredited, independent laboratories for analysis to identify asbestos type and content accurately.

Report Generation:

Our detailed report outlines the locations, types, and conditions of identified ACMs.

Clear guidance on managing ACMs during refurbishment is provided, ensuring safety and compliance.

Benefits of an Asbestos Refurbishment Survey

Choosing an asbestos refurbishment survey from Environmental Inspection offers a range of invaluable benefits:

    1. Legal Compliance: Ensure adherence to the Control of Asbestos Regulations and other legal requirements, minimising potential legal risks.
    2. Health Protection: Identify and manage ACMs before refurbishment work begins, safeguarding the health of workers and occupants.
    3. Cost-Effectiveness: Early detection prevents delays and expensive remediation, optimising project timelines and budgets.
    4. Comprehensive Guidance: Clear recommendations guide safe ACM management, minimising risks during the refurbishment process.
    5. Peace of Mind: Proceed with refurbishment, knowing that potential asbestos hazards have been proactively addressed.

Ready to Ensure Safety in Your Refurbishment Project?

Contact us today to schedule an asbestos refurbishment survey tailored to your project’s needs. Our certified experts are ready to provide you with accurate insights, compliance guidance, and peace of mind throughout your refurbishment journey. Prioritise safety and legal soundness, reach out now to get started with Environmental Inspection.

Alternatively, explore more asbestos survey options available, including demolishment and management surveys.

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    Asbestos Refurbishment Survey FAQs

    An asbestos refurbishment survey is crucial for legal compliance and safety. It helps you identify ACMs, protect workers and occupants from potential health risks, and prevent costly delays due to unexpected asbestos encounters during refurbishment.

    The duration depends on the project’s complexity and the size of the areas under refurbishment. Our team works efficiently to complete the survey while maintaining thoroughness.

    Yes, refurbishment surveys must comply with the Control of Asbestos Regulations. Failing to do so can result in legal consequences. Our surveys are designed to align with these regulations.