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All non-domestic properties, including retail, commercial, and industrial, built before 1999, must have an up-to-date asbestos register, which is included within a survey and management plan. Legislation under the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012 regulation 4 – duty to manage required this survey to have been done, and any asbestos materials that were identified to be manged according to the recommendations.

The asbestos management plan is required, whether or not asbestos is present, because it will include the management survey document(s), renovation surveys, any details of asbestos previously removed, and certification of jobs.

Where asbestos is present, this should be included on the asbestos register.

If you are Selling Commercial Property

When buying or selling commercial premises, the asbestos management survey is likely to be requested (by lenders and solicitors).  If not available, then an asbestos management survey will be required.

These surveys are non-intrusive. They only include the surface materials that can be accessed. They do not involve drilling, or any intrusive investigations.  Small representative samples are taken, e.g. scraping a sample of textured coating discretely from a corner, or inside a cupboard, and then making safe by repainting.

A type 1 or 2 asbestos survey (pre 2012) is no longer recognised, because standards and regulations have changed.  These reports must be replaced with an asbestos management survey.

For Homes

An asbestos management survey can be done for homes, although it is not a legal requirement. The Home Buyer Survey may flag up a need for information, due to the age of a home, or the kind of materials used. A management survey can serve a very useful purpose in these cases.

For Landlords

Whilst landlords of pre-1999 homes are not required by law to have an asbestos survey, it is considered good practice.  It will become essential if any refurbishment work is being done, i.e. it becomes someone’s place of work.

Houses in multiple occupation (HMO) are legally required to have an asbestos management survey of the communal areas of the property.  The private dwellings within the building are exempt.

When is an Asbestos Management Survey Required for Good Practice?

It is also wise to have a management survey redone if major refurbishment occurs, as the plan (building schematic) would no longer be relevant. A survey should be done, covering the new schematics.

If there are discrepancies with the current asbestos management survey, it is recommended that a new one be undertaken to close out the discrepancies.

If a building changes ownership, because the new owner becomes responsible, it must be part of their asbestos management plan. It is recommended that a new asbestos management survey be undertaken, especially if there are changes in use, and priority risk assessments change.

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