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Environmental Inspection carries out asbestos sampling as necessary as part of our surveying work. These samples are then tested and analysed (bulk analysis) at an independent UKAS accredited laboratory.

The sampling process

When dealing with suspected Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM), it is vital to ensure that the correct procedures and safety precautions are adhered to. We need to make sure that exposure to asbestos fibres is limited and controlled during the entire sampling procedure.

We do not recommend that untrained people take Asbestos Bulk Samples.

Environmental Inspection personnel carry out all sampling according to the guidance given in HSG264 Asbestos The Survey Guide. All of our staff are trained to BOHS (British Occupational Health and Hygiene Society) standards.

Environmental Inspection has the correct procedures, safety equipment, and experience to safely sample all types of suspected ACM, from friable and non-friable Asbestos materials in any condition.

What if asbestos is found?

There are various types of asbestos, so this, and its condition need to be verified before we can make a decision as to what to recommend.

It may also be wise to immediately carry out air monitoring, to hopefully confirm there is no exposure to airborne asbestos fibres.

Our experts at Environmental Inspection will recommended what should be done to remedy the situation, and by what kind of specialists, (whether they need to be licensed, or can be a non-licensed contractor). We’ll advise on the techniques best suited to your circumstances; guiding you to safely remediate the issue. Remedial works or safety measures will be recommended for removal and / or management.

Environmental Inspection’s overriding concern will be to safely manage or remove the material, for the benefit of you, and the building’s inhabitants, workers and / or visitors.

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Your asbestos report

Our reports are designed to be as useful as possible to you – the business or home owner.

We have put a lot of effort into ensuring that our reports are comprehensive, detailed, and actionable.

The report will always include site photos that we have taken during the survey, site plans identifying key areas of importance, and specific actions, in an easy to understand format. We even colour-code it, so that you can see at a glance the major priorities, and the links between sections of the report.

The general room construction is detailed in appendix 1 (room general information), and appendix 2 is the Asbestos Register, detailing all sampled and suspected asbestos items. This section will identify and show the individual material algorithm risk assessments, recommendations, and photos of the materials, and if requested Priority Risk Assessments for Asbestos Management Surveys. Appendix 3 will include the sample analysis certificates from the independent UKAS accredited laboratory for the samples taken. Appendix 4 includes site plans, showing the locations of the positive and negative asbestos items, and location reference details.