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Not all asbestos containing material requires licensed asbestos removal contractors. Non notifiable materials can be removed by non-licensed asbestos removal contractors and general contractors / maintenance personal who are category B trained to work with non-licensed hazardous materials.

There are lots of projects for which licensed asbestos removal contractors are required. Here is our guide to what you should be looking out for when selecting a contractor.

How to choose an asbestos removal contractor

We would suggest that you consider all of the following:

  • The right kind of removal for your circumstances.
  • What asbestos materials are the contractors licensed to work with?
  • The right kind of condition under which the work will be done.
  • Knowledge of whether or not air monitoring is required. A good justification for including or not including this or what type of and frequency of site visits.
  • References from previous removal projects.
  • Review method statement / proposed plan of works and general procedures.
  • Insurance coverage for your project.

You could appoint us to work with you, identify all that you require, procure the right mix of expert contractors, and manage it on your behalf. Or we can advise on any stage of this process.

We do not have ‘preferred suppliers’ or take payments for referrals. Environmental Inspection procures on a professional basis, with only your needs in mind.

Contact us to discuss your project.