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Asbestos management for a large engineering firm across multiple UK sites

Environmental Inspection at an industrial client carrying out asbestos surveys

Environmental Inspection has worked with an industry-leading international engineering firm for 3 years to manage asbestos across several sites, UK-wide.

In this blog, we look at what was done, why the client chose Environmental Inspection, and the results.

What Initially Prompted them to Contact Environmental Inspection?

Health & Safety (H&S) concerns had been raised by several staff members regarding pipe lagging in part of a building. Its condition had deteriorated. This is often the case. Being disturbed by pests is not uncommon. Staff were concerned about the material that was starting to become exposed.

This raising of concerns is of course a good thing – demonstrating an appropriate level of asbestos awareness amongst the team and a culture of openness around H&S. The company also benefitted from the longevity of staff; most of whom have been with the business a long time. So, they notice small changes. In this case, it kept them and their colleagues safe and the company compliant.

Why They Chose Environmental Inspection

They had a previous asbestos survey done by another company. But, their preference was to work with Environmental Inspection because they (correctly) believed that they would get a fast response and frequent communication throughout the timeframe of the work.

Having searched online, the manager was impressed by the professionalism of Environmental Inspection and the credentials of its consultants.

What We Did

Environmental Inspection has delivered a full asbestos management service from surveys to management of known asbestos and project managing three asbestos removal projects and one demolition project. So, the service has been entirely based on the needs of the client in the specific circumstances.

Asbestos Management Survey and Asbestos Management Plan

This was done for multiple sites across the UK. Each one was site-specific and took account of the current and future building use.

We are proactive about arranging reinspection’s as required to maintain compliance. And, we advise on appropriate actions and options. The detailed plans include an asbestos register and everything that you would expect in an asbestos management plan.

Asbestos Removal Projects

Removal of asbestos was required on three occasions. One was quite a significant job on a building that was no longer used. We have managed the asbestos in situ for a couple of years, demonstrating appropriate judgment on what needed to be done and when. But, at the point of deciding to demolish the building, the asbestos, of course, had to be removed.

Of course, full asbestos demolition surveys were completed in advance of specifying the work.

For each removal project, we tendered the job, appointed contractors, and oversaw the work. This saved the company management significant time whilst they were assured of the comprehensiveness of the work. This allowed them to meet their legal compliance needs without any stress or significant extra work.

How did the company benefit?

The client was reassured by the prompt and transparent approach “Nowadays this is not seen very often” commented their General Manager.

Also, “Their paperwork is immaculate – reports and quotations are clear and there are no hidden costs.” This is important, given that the paperwork acts as key evidence of the company’s legal compliance. It can be inspected by the Health and Safety Executive. Good quality and relevant evidence, of course, demonstrates that the company has done everything reasonable to manage all asbestos that is present.

The personal touch was also commented upon. All of Environmental Inspection’s clients deal directly with the expert consultants – in this case, the business owner. So, specific advice and information is never more than a phone call away.

Challenges That Were Overcome

In any building or demolition work or related surveys, the unexpected can sometimes happen. You won’t necessarily know what is behind a wall or ceiling until it is sampled or removed. None of this affected the efficiency and completeness of the work.

Any challenges were dealt with and communicated openly.

For example, there was an internal wall that was showing signs that it was likely to fail. It was visibly moving in strong winds. As a H&S concern for employee wellbeing, this needed the promptest of action. Environmental Inspection planned the work and selected a suitable contractor in a very timely manner. The refurbishment survey showed a lot of asbestos in the wall and it was suitably removed under full conditions and the materials correctly disposed of. As this was notifiable work (the Health and Safety Executive must be notified in a specified time period), Environmental Inspection was able to help ensure all of this was done correctly.

We also took care of reinstatement of wall with a fireboard to appropriate standards.

Overall Feedback on the Work

The General Manager commented “All in all very reliable. I’m certainly not shy of recommending Environmental Inspection. I have seen that their workmanship is brilliant.”

The supportive nature of the work was also noted. Because Environmental Inspection was so responsive, it quickly mitigated hazards that could have had a major impact.

Risks to people are the most important thing that we help to resolve. But revenue, reputation, and personal liability risks also go along with that.


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