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ACAD membership shows our commitment to the highest standards in asbestos project management

Dangerous taking of asbestos

As of the first week of January 2023, Environmental Inspection has been approved as a member of ACAD – one of two UK trade associations supporting and representing companies in the asbestos removal and remediation industry.

Why we joined ACAD

We see it as complementary to our project management services. We project manage asbestos remediation and removal works. We were keen to ensure that we remain up to date with current best practices. In a safety-critical role, this CPD and up-to-date knowledge of existing standards are extremely valuable.

Our senior asbestos consultant, Alasdair, also sits on the technical committee of ACAD, so we wanted to emphasise our commitment to the highest standards. The committee provides technical advice to members on request.

Our responsibilities as project managers

The management and removal of asbestos carry inherent risks. These can all be managed effectively. Our project management page outlines our approach to managing the health and safety, financial, and reputational risks. We take seriously our responsibilities for helping clients to minimise these risks.

Areas in which we implement best practice include:

  • Ensuring that Duty Holders (usually building owners and their representatives) understand what responsibilities they have, regardless of who they appoint to deliver work.
  • Tendering for removal works. Ensuring that proper documentation is provided that allows fair competition for the work. Ensuring that the client gets what they need.
  • Ensuring that the right contractors are appointed for each type of work. This may include checking licences and insurance and ensuring air monitoring is in place as required.
  • Overseeing the health and safety of contractors, clients, staff, and the general public. Our Managing Director and consultants are qualified in Health & Safety, including NEBOSH, IOSH, and a university diploma in Health & Safety.
  • Advising on what is ‘notifiable’ and what is ‘non-notifiable’ (to the Health and Safety Executive) in line with CAR2012 (Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012) and current HSE Guidance.
  • Ensuring the use of UKAS-accredited analysts as per the regulations.
  • Agreeing methods to be used (there are several). The correct method will be determined by the circumstances.
  • The ASB5 Licensed Work Notification – a vital document that outlines the various people who hold responsibility for a project, methods used, and other information of interest to the HSE. Getting this right at the beginning and avoiding unnecessary variation are two factors in managing an effective project.
  • Management of waste, including hazardous waste. We could write a book on this. That is for another blog post.

So, we hope that our approval as ACAD members, along with other accreditations that are forthcoming will be of value in reassuring clients of the highest standards of asbestos management.

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