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Growth and development in 2022

It has been a great year for Environmental Inspection for several reasons. We have been pleased to support our regular clients with their ongoing health and safety compliance. We’ve worked on interesting projects, big and small. We’ve worked on some complex industrial projects and some heritage sites. We’ve managed increasingly large asbestos removal projects. And, we’ve been joined in the team by Alasdair – a highly experienced asbestos consultant.

Alasdair brings particular strengths in Quality Management, having introduced and managed new quality systems elsewhere. Also, senior management and multinational company experience.

Our growing team

Our principal consultants both have strong sectoral backgrounds including oil and gas, major industrial complexes, marine, construction, education, and health.

This specialist expertise regularly comes in useful during our work. For example, we can know from previous experience which parts of an industrial kiln are likely to contain asbestos, act accordingly, and verify it.

Asbestos removal project management

We’ve continued to deliver lots of asbestos removal projects. Clients continue to value this independent oversight of what is a complex and important job.

We have managed large-scale and technically challenging work in specialist industries. For example, removing asbestos that is integral to the structure of industrial facilities built in the 1960s. We have built up a strong specialism here.

National contracts

We have four national contracts; three new clients and one of which we have retained for several years.

The value that we provide to these clients includes being able to plan the work to spread it out over the year. And we include training for their staff, including managers and maintenance representatives to help them with their risk management and compliance.


We love providing asbestos awareness training. It goes way beyond what you can experience online. We’ve had some in-depth Q&A sessions and covered common myth-busting.

ACAD membership

We have applied to be members of the Asbestos Control and Abatement Division (ACAD) of the Thermal Insulation Contractors Association (TICA). This is a trade association and training provider for the asbestos industry and it underlines our commitment to standards and collaboration in the industry. Alasdair also sits on the technical committee within ACAD which strengthens Environmental Inspection in the market to manage large, complex Asbestos removal contracts.

What’s in store for 2023?

Well, we have some of our biggest-ever jobs booked in and are bidding for more.

Booked jobs include reinspection for sites that are large enough to require 3 days of work.
Then reviewing management plans.

We hope everyone in our network has a happy Christmas and a prosperous 2023.



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