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Environmental Inspection delivers long-term national contracts

Environmental Inspection has been working for more than three years with an international manufacturer across a large number of its sites, UK wide.

Having initially been chosen because of our reputation with a maintenance company that they know, we have been contracted by this company many times, often exclusively.

We are trusted to plan and coordinate all of the work involved in the various types of asbestos surveys, maintenance of the asbestos registers within the Management Plans for each site and project mange asbestos remedial / removal works nationally.

What they needed

Following a previous survey by another company, the client had been left with more questions than answers. Also, a number of years had passed since the last survey, which had created uncertainty about the current state of the asbestos in their buildings.

Beginning with some straightforward sampling and advice, we were able to build trust and were then asked to carry out gradually more work in various stages.

The new head of health and safety had brought a desire to increase the quality of the company’s health and safety management. We were able to work collaboratively with this person, bringing certainty on the specialist management of asbestos.

What we did

We have completed multiple asbestos removal projects and been constantly available to advise and reassure.  We have provided surveys prior to all refurbishment work on specialist systems specific to this client.  We have also provided new comprehensive Asbestos Management Surveys with Priority Risk Assessments for all identified asbestos products.  We have also provided asbestos management plans with a comprehensive asbestos register and action plans for each site.

Environmental Inspection has worked through the activities from most urgent onwards, on buildings built from the 1950s to relatively recently.

  • We carried out our first surveys of one of their sites in 2018, and have conducted numerous others since.
  • We project managed asbestos removal works during various operational shut down periods. This included Christmas shutdowns and others during normal operations at different sites, three years in a row. In some cases we operated shifts across 24 hour periods to meet the deadlines.
  • We provided clarification of everything that was on their asbestos register – the type of material, its condition, the most appropriate ways to manage it, and how existing measures could be improved. There are various types of asbestos products ranging from asbestos loose fill to gaskets and cement and an innumerable set of different Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs).
  • Where appropriate, we provided remedial work. For example, securely sealing flooring down to ensure no escape of fibrous materials below. Or encasing / encapsulating materials so that they cannot be damaged.

Environmental Inspection produce the tender documents, ensuring that the suppliers can accurately price and plan the work, and we oversee the work according to the specification provided at the tender stage.

An asbestos removal contractor and an independent UKAS accredited analyst are contracted directly to Environmental Inspection during the work.  The removal / remedial works are project manged on behalf of the client by Environmental Inspection and all stages are signed off by Environmental Inspection, from smoke tests to completion of the project.

It’s an ongoing programme. To date, Environmental Inspection has surveyed 7 out of 14 total sites in the UK. The rest have been planned for this year. Annual re-inspections are also scheduled as required for full and effective management. Awareness training and internal monthly, quarterly and 6 month reinspections are being undertaken by trained and competent client management, with annual re-inspections undertaken by Environmental Inspection.


Our work has resulted in better health and safety management for the company in relation to asbestos, and assurance that they comply with all relevant legislation.

Potential risks are all being managed to the highest standards.

What this means

Environmental Inspection has the knowledge and proven track record to work throughout specialist facilities and premises and the experience within complex sites containing specialist industrial machinery, and processes such as extreme heating, rapid cooling and drying. For us, the more complex the better. We enjoy the challenge of finding a solution which is less disruptive than you would imagine.  Environmental Inspection does not just do a building survey. We like to know and understand the systems and processes in order to locate and identify asbestos items within the plant and equipment.

We can work at scale for major UK clients. On a large site with many different rooms that vary significantly, our surveys alone could last 5 days to three weeks of constant work. But once complete, the future management of asbestos will be far easier and safer.

Environmental Inspection can be trusted to advise on and project manage across the whole range of asbestos work. We can manage huge capital projects in the hundreds of thousands – to PRINCE 2 project management standards if required. We can schedule work in stages by site, department, or whatever suits.

We can deliver an overall corporate management plan and the equivalent for each site. This will fit in with your buildings, estates or facilities management arrangements. You will be left with an updated and complete asbestos register and management arrangements. Environmental Inspection will produce all documents on our specialist system and store them for you for added reassurance. You will always have access to up to date information and evidence for internal or external audits.

We will improve procurement by producing tender materials and managing the process with objectivity and specialist understanding. We will support the effective selection of specialists in asbestos removal (across all of the various methods), air testing, and any other required activity.

Environmental Inspection can oversee projects for you so that you have no stress, and we can plan and work around plant shutdowns to minimise disruption to you, your staff, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders – including of course the general public.

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