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What is Asbestos Project Management?

Project management is a useful skillset in any scheme of work that differs from your usual day-to-day operations. It is therefore highly applicable to the survey, management, and potential remediation, or removal of asbestos.

In our asbestos project management, we aim to be the pinnacle between you (the client), the asbestos analytical company, and the Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractor. This relieves the client from the responsibility of coordinating the remedial works. After all, being responsible for something in which you are not an expert is only likely to cause you stress. We typically work from tender stage through to completion, and deal with day-to-day issues whilst the work is undertaken.

Competent, professional project management will give you peace of mind that all asbestos abatement works are being carried out efficiently, and correctly, as per the provided method statement, current legislation, and best practice.

Asbestos Project Management Includes:

  • Creating a Specification. This ensures legal compliance, and sensible methodology. It also ensures that you get accurate prices when tendering, and that companies have the chance to tender on a like-for-like basis.
  • Tender Management. Providing knowledgeable assessment of tender submissions, and advice to help you on choose the right proposal.
  • Method Statement Review. With our expert knowledge, we can review the proposed working methods of a removal contractor, and advise on potential benefits, and problems that may arise at planning stage.
  • Document Audits to ensure that all correct documentation is in place, from all parties, throughout the works.
  • Analytical Consultant selection and vetting.
  • Health, Safety and Compliance Audits, to make sure all health and safety and legal compliance is continually in place, throughout the project.
  • Site Management at critical times, to ensure that every aspect is correctly completed, and that you are provided with the right advice, when you need it.
  • Asbestos Project Management Completion Report, on completion of the project. This contains all relevant information, so that you have a permanent record that the works were completed correctly.

If you’d like any advice prior to beginning an asbestos removal project, or you need help ensuring best results from a project, then please contact us.

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