Environmental Inspection provide an Asbestos Bulk Sampling service where the sampling of suspect Asbestos Containing Materials is undertaken as instructed by the client.

Suspect Asbestos Containing Materials can be sampled by the client / representative but are the correct procedures and safety precautions being adhered too so that exposure to asbestos fibres during the sampling procedure, making the sampling point safe and transportation of the sample to the laboratory is reduced as far as reasonably practicable.

Environmental Inspection do not recommend that untrained persons take Asbestos Bulk Samples.  We advise that only trained persons undertake this activity.  Environmental Inspection has the correct procedures, safety equipment, and experience to safely sample all types of suspect Asbestos Containing Materials from none friable to friable Asbestos materials in any condition.

By using Environmental Inspection  you remove all risk to yourself and others that comes with sampling any suspect Asbestos Containing Materials.

All Asbestos Bulk Samples are taken as instructed in HSG264 Asbestos The Survey Guide.

All samples will be analysed at an independent UKAS accredited laboratory.

For more information or detailed conversation with regards to your circumstances or project please contact Environmental Inspection for a no obligation quotation discussion on 07940246485 or email enquiries@environmentalinspection.co.uk.