Environmental Inspection undertake Asbestos Re-inspection of known Asbestos Containing Materials within a building.

This service is to update and reassess suspect / known Asbestos Containing Materials and there potential risks in line with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (Regulations 4.6 and 4.10)

Asbestos Re-inspections are required to be undertaken every 12 months or less for high risk items.  The frequency and by whom the Asbestos Re-inspection are to be  carried out / monitored will be located within the Asbestos Management Plan for the site.

(Regulation 4.6)

The dutyholder must ensure that the assessment is reviewed without delay if:

(a) there is reason to suspect that the assessment is no longer valid; or
(b) there has been a significant change in the premises to which the assessment relates, and

(Regulation 4.10a)

(10) The dutyholder must ensure that:
(a) the plan is reviewed and revised at regular intervals, and without delay if—
(i) there is reason to suspect that the plan is no longer valid, or
(ii) there has been a significant change in the premises to which the plan relates.

Environmental Inspection can also undertake a ‘Priority Risk Assessment’.  The aim of the Priority Risk Assessment is to assess the likelihood of the ACM being disturbed.  The assessment needs to be accurate which can only be achieved with the active participation of the duty holder in reviewing the priority scoring for each ACM / Area.  These priority risk assessments will form the basis of the the Asbestos Management Plan.

As a minimum, the Asbestos Containing Materials should be re-inspected every 12 months in line with the review procedures stated in the Asbestos Management Plan.

Environmental Inspection can provide and up-to-date Asbestos Register for your Asbestos Management Plan.

Environmental Inspection takes no responsibility with regards to information accuracy when using third party information.

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