Environmental Inspection can provide an Asbestos Management Plan as required by the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (Regulation 4.8).

Where the assessment shows that asbestos is or is liable to be present in any part of the premises the duty-holder must ensure that;

  • a determination of the risk from that asbestos is made;
  • a written plan identifying those parts of the premises concerned is prepared; and
  • the measures which are to be taken for managing the risk are specified in the written plan.

The duty-holder should ensure that the Asbestos Management Plan is implemented to manage the risks. The action plan should prioritise the actions identified and give high priority to damaged material and materials likely to be disturbed; these will need to be repaired, sealed, enclosed protectively or removed using trained and competent personnel authorised to work on asbestos items.

As a minimum, the Asbestos Management Plan, including records and drawings, should be reviewed every 12 months. It should also be reviewed if there is reason to believe that circumstances have changed (e.g. there is a change of use of building, work being undertaken, Asbestos Containing Materials removed or repaired that would alter the risk score). The plan, including records and drawings, should then be updated accordingly.

Environmental Inspection can utilise 3rd party information, by re-inspecting suspect / known Asbestos Containing Materials and produce an up-to-date asbestos registrar for your property as required by your Asbestos Management Plan.  If you do not have an Asbestos Management Plan then Environmental Inspection can provide this tailored document for your premises.


Environmental Inspection can undertake a new Asbestos Management Survey of your property and produce an new up-to-date Asbestos Management Plan.

Environmental Inspection takes no responsibility with regards to information accuracy when using third party information.

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